African Mango Extract for Weight Loss

Many people struggle with weight loss. There are a number of different diet programs and exercise routines designed to help a person lose weight. Many of them take a long time for a person to start seeing results. A person can easily become discouraged and give up. There are some many different weight loss pills on the market it is hard to know which ones are effective. All of these pills promise to help a person lose weight but contain binders and fillers that do not work. There is a weight loss pill that is effective is weight loss. Weight loss supplements made from African mango extract are proven to be effective in reducing body fat and burning calories.

African mango pills are made from the African mango fruit. This fruit is native to parts of Africa especially Western Africa. This fruit has been used by the native people to lose weight and lower cholesterol levels. The African mango weight loss pills contain and extract known as irvingia gabonensis which is found in this fruit. The seeds of the fruit are used to help the body stop making fat and help regulate a person’s metabolism.

The African mango grows on tress in the tropical rain forest. The fruit is yellow and has a large number of seeds. The seeds contain the extracts that are used to aide in weight loss and in food preparation. In Africa this fruit has been used to cure diarrhea, hernia, and diabetes. The extract has even been used to reduce the symptoms of yellow fever. Recently doctors and scientists have discovered the weight loss properties of African mango extract. The extract is taken from the seeds of this fruit since that is where all of the beneficial properties for weight loss is found.

The seeds are responsible for the weight loss properties of the African mango. The seeds of this fruit contain a large amount of protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin B, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and healthy fats. The extract from the seeds of this fruit contain beta-carotene which is good for eyesight. The fiber found in this fruit is responsible for reducing cholesterol which helps with weight loss. This fruit increase the level of adiponectin in the body. This is a hormone that will increase the levels on insulin. When the insulin levels are increased the body is able to burn fat at a quicker pace. Since the body is burning more energy then a person is consuming this will result in weight loss. People have also reported a decreased feeling in hunger. This supplement will help a person eat less food but still have an increased feeling of fullness. A person will also notice they do not crave food. This will help people who eat for boredom. They will have a feeling of fullness and will not have the desire to eat. Eating less will also help a person reduce the number of calories that they are consuming. A person will also see that their metabolism has increased which means the body is able to burn fat and calories at a quicker rate then it normally would.

There have been studies performed with groups of people who were given the African mango pills and groups there were given a placebo. The Cameroon University in Yaounde developed a study with 72 adults who were all overweight. The adults were divided into two groups. One group was given African mango pills twice a day and the other group was given a placebo. This study ran for a period of 10 weeks. The adults that were given the African mango extract lost an average of 12kg. The placebo group showed no significant signs for weight loss. Both groups were asked not to change their diet and neither group completed an exercise program. No other lifestyle changes were made. The group given the African mango extract diet pills did continued to lose weight over time. They could lose even more weight with the proper diet and a regular exercise program.

There are recommended doses of African mango extract that a person should follow. It is recommended that a person take African mango pills that contain 150mg 30 minutes before having lunch or dinner. The total should not exceed more then 1,050 mg a day. The supplements should be taken around 30 minutes before a person eats a meal. The pills should be taken thee times a day with a glass of warm water.

African mango pills are safe to use. People that have used this type of diet pill have reported some side effects that may be uncomfortable until the body gets used to the African mango extract. The side effects that were reported including headaches, trouble sleeping, gas , and some feelings of being bloated. These diet pills are meant for adults and should not be given to children. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take these or any other diet pills.

A person can buy African mango supplements at many diet and health food stores. Not all supplements are made the same. There are products out there that claim to be made with African mango extract but contain many fillers and binders. When purchasing this product be sure to research different brands and read the ingredient list. The bottle should state that the product is guaranteed to be authentic African mango extract. To be sure the product is real looked to make sure the label includes IGOB131. This is the authentic extract that will help a person lose weight. When looking to buy African Mango extract a person has to be willing to spend some money. The cheapest product may not be the best product.

For many people weight loss is a constant struggle. Now there is help for a person that has been battling their weight. African mango extract pills can help a person drop the weight. With some lifestyle changes including eating a balanced diet and exercising a person can finally get into shape. While African mango extract has been found to be safe and effective a person should consult a doctor before beginning any weight loss program.